Jul. 21st, 2008

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On behalf of my family I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who came to the funeral and left messages and the memories they have of my father here, it means a lot to us and reading the comments has brought some comfort in this difficult time.  

P-Con VI is still going ahead. And like so many of you mentioned here we will be raising a glass every May 1st to toast to life, to remember those who are fighting illness, and those, like my father, who lost the fight. 

All the best


So Long And Thanks for All The Fish

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This is xnamkrad's daughter posting on behalf of my father. After his last entry my father was taken into hospital and unfortunately a scan showed that the cancer was too far advanced and beyond treatment. We had hoped that he would have a few months left, but unfortunately his illness has advanced a lot faster than expected and he is currently in the hospice and is very near the end. I know that he made a lot of friends on livejournal, we would love to hear from you and will pass on any messages to him. I will keep you updated as things progress and will leave his account here open for a month or two so people will have a place to post any memories or messages they want. I'll sign off for now with one of my Dad's favourite sayings "So long and thanks for all the fish".


Size does matter
Sound military planning I see:

Invashun  Poorly planed
see more crazy cat pics


Just saying hi

Magic Ship
Just a note to say I'm still here, just processing life and things like that.

And thanks to all of you for your support.

Hope to see you all soon

Be well




Well that's good to know

I was at the hospital today and while waiting at the main entrance for a lift home I heard this over the loud speaker system.

"St. James Hospital is a health premoting hospital" *

as distinct from ???????

* it does go on to say that smoking is prohibited from the doorway area


Now this is a worthy cause

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Dublin hosts talks on cluster bombs - but seeing that some of the main countries involved (like the USA, China, Russia and Israel) will not be in attendance I wonder how powerful a treaty coming from this would be. By the way, according to the BBC teletext news earlier today, the UK is against a ban - but they dont mention this on their website. Curious.
Still it's good to see such meetings, it's better than ignoring them totally.


34 years ago today

Weeping Angel

One of my brothers Jimmy had just finished work, and was getting ready to go home. He left the office and walked thru a garage to get his motor bike, saying hi to a young man working on the forecourt. The bike was in a shed, and while Jimmy was unlocking his bike he heard a 'thump' sound, nothing too loud. In fact he though it was a tyre that had burst.
Turning around, the first thing he saw was the young man - dead.
Three car bombs had just exploded in Dublin city center, and another one in Monaghan. In all 34 people were murdered that day, making it the worse loss of life in the 'Troubles'.

It took a long time before Jimmy didn't react badly to loud noises. 

We reckon that it was the fact he was in the shed saved his life as that protected him from the blast wave - he was within 50 yards of one of the bombs. Had the bomb exploded a few seconds earlier or later he would have been another one of the victims.


Update: 12th May 2008


OK - some updates re P-Con VI.

First off, our Guest Of Honour Paul Cornell as you may know is working on a new Marvel comic. The first issue of this ongoing Marvel comic, Captain Britain and MI-13 is in the shops this week, on Wednesday in the States, Thursday in the UK (and one presumes Ireland as well). Wishing him the best of good fortune with this.

I’m sure that you have fond memories of Kim Newman who was the GOH for P-Con IV. The bad news was that he was unable to attend P-Con V. The good news is that he is looking forward to being a guest at P-Con VI (as always subject to work and other commitments).
It is hard to mention Kim's body of work without appearing to be exaggerating. He has written for just about every publication there is in Britain, as well as abroad. He has a vast amount of TV appearances to his credit, as well as a bit part in a movie; he has directed his own short movie, and has adapted a number of his own books into screenplays; he has co-written an alternative history novel with author and friend Eugene Byrne, and has written what quite possibly the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure book, the dark and visceral Life's Lottery. He has won a number of awards for his work, and has made the short list for several more. Any place is a good place to start reading Kim's work, which we strongly recommend you do. For more about Kim, check out his website.
Kim's vast range of interests, as well as his huge and varied body of work, makes him one of the most versatile guests imaginable for a convention.
Don’t forget that Kim will be presenting a paper on Radiation and Mutation at the "It Came from the 1950s" conference in Trinity College, Dublin (May 15-16 2008).

And finally, I’m delighted to announce another new guest to P-Con (and indeed to Ireland), all the way from Mooi River District, South Africa – Dave Freer. Reading his bio we learn that Dave Freer is an Ichthyologist turned author because he'd heard that the spelling requirements were simpler.
They lied about that. He lives in a remote part of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, with his wife and chief proof-reader, Barbara, four dogs and four cats, two sons (Paddy and James) and just at the moment no shrews, birds, bats or any other rescued wildlife. He does his best to blame his extraordinary spelling on an Old English Sheepdog nose, or the cat/s on his lap. It has nothing to do with falling out of pear trees onto his head or spending too long underwater freediving for spiny lobster.
His first book -- The Forlorn (Baen) came out in 1999. Since then he has co-authored with Eric Flint (Rats, Bats and Vats, Pyramid Scheme, and The Rat, Bat and the Ugly) and, with Mercedes Lackey and Eric Flint (Shadow of the Lion, This Rough Magic, Wizard of Karres) as well writing as various shorter works.
Besides working as a Fisheries Scientist for the Western Cape shark fishery, running a couple of fish farms, he has worked as a commercial diver, and as a relief chef at several luxury game lodges. Yes: he can both cook and change diapers. (No man ever really gets tired of danger sports.) He spent two years as a conscripted soldier along the way, so he can iron too. His interests are rock climbing (he's still good at it), diving, flyfishing (he's still bad at it), fly-tying, wine-tasting and the preparation of food, especially by traditional means - smoking and salting, all the good unhealthy things.
Oh by the way, Dave is the GOH at Lunacon the week before P-Con VI.

You know this makes at least 3 guests / guest partners who are / were chefs. Methinks a panel on cooking, or maybe a guest cook off could be in the making.

All things being equal I'll be at the "It Came From The 1950s" conference this week as well

As always, guests appear subject to work commitments.

Be well all.





Just seen an ad for the Irish Daily Mail with a free DVD - which seems to feature Kim Catrell in not a lot of skin tight black leather. 

Am tempted.

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